Recent Auction:  Trinity UMC mission auction

Auction for a Fundraiser
Consider auction prior to garage sale for special items.
High bidder picks up items at garage sale.

We manage the auction. We do most of the work for you.
Church/Org/Individual publicizes and chooses the collection method.
Guaranteed no loss of money.

Auction/Fund Raiser for any ministry or cause.
Auction ONE (1) or more items in increments of 200.
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Excellent Support.

Call/Text 785.823.0243
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  • Creates enthusiasm and participation among members.
  • Members provide item(s) through the web form.
  • Minimum starting bid for each item.
  • Spreadsheets with details of each item.
  • Search feature.
  • Feature image with many supporting images (gallery).
  • Description area provided.
  • Unlimited auction items for the year.
  • Daily backup! (last 14 days).
  • Secure Certificate/Web Site (SSL).
  • Optional Page:  Financial Donations without bidding.
  • No Shipping:  Buyer picks up item.


  • Proxy Bidding: Make maximum bid. The bid will be the set minimum increment ($1, $3, $5, etc.) more than the current bid. After the next bid, the software will bid (the current bid + set minimum increment) until your maximum bid has been reached.
  • Soft Closure: Bidding stays open for three (3) extra minutes if a bid is made within the last thirty (30) minutes. Avoids sniping.
  • Bidders receive emails when outbid and when won. Text messages are an option.
  • Payment methods in winning bidder email.


  • Make a decision to have an auction and the preferred dates.  (Individual auction prior to garage sale!)
  • Contact us to make sure we are available to manage the auction on your dates.
  • Web site provided at no cost.
  • Church/Org/Ind decides whether or not to sell sponsor space (banner ads).
  • Church/Org/Ind publicizes.
  • Payment methods are cash, check or credit card.  We will work with you on getting the credit card details included.
  • Members donate items through the web site.  We suggest a person(s) be available to provide assistance, if needed.  We will provide support for this person(s).
  • If items are not kept at one location.
    • After auction, have a special event (potluck dinner, annual meeting, etc.) where items are available to be picked up.  Money could be collected at same time.
    • Donator provides zip code area.  Bidder will then know the general area for item to be picked up.  (Respecting Privacy).
    • Donator provides email address and telephone number.  This is made available ONLY to the winning bidder.  Winning bidder makes arrangements to pick up the item.  (Again, Respecting Privacy).